Набор DSP-шечек. И всякое.

...Умничать и заявлять о достаточности формата MP3 незачем: никакой голый плеер, без подключенных улучшалок звука, ничего хорошего из него не сделает. Потери от сжатия будут слышны более чем. Иначе не появлялись бы всякие FLAC, APE и прочие.

Значит нам нужны DSP — Digital signal processors. Давать ссылки на каждую из них бесполезно: часто обновляются. Но всё упрощается наличием форума Гидрогенаудио, по сути являющимся складом всего добра для Фубара...

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Foobar2000 + Wine

Does anyone here currently run Foobar2000 on linux via wine?
I wish Foobar2000 would support linux nativley.. but i don't see that happening..
I can't find anything for linux that even can begin to compair to Foobar2000.
I miss it a lot. It's the only program from windows that i miss since switcing to linux.

If anyone has any foobar2000/linux/wine info.. could you please share it?

Yahoo! Music Engine

I found this except from a Yahoo! employee's blog ("Why You Should (or Should Not) Use the Yahoo! Music Engine") to be most amusing:

But down to the reason you're reading this. I'm asking you to ditch Windows Media Player (aka WiMP, sorry John, Mark), Winamp (pour out a little liquor), iTunes (sorry Chris and Steve G), MusicMatch (apologies to my new brothers and sisters), Rhapsody (you were my first for-pay love, ya tramp), and Napster (THROW ANOTHER STACK OF BENJAMINS ON THE FIRE!), and use Yahoo! Music Engine instead. (If you're using Foobar2000, keep on, brother man, I ain't going to war with y'all purists.)

Who feels the love?

Winamp API Emulator

New favorite plugin: Winamp API Emulator (foo_winamp_spam)

Emulates a Winamp API window. This allows many winamp compatible
programs to recognize foobar2000 as if it were winamp and the plugin
will convert the winamp control/status requests into the appropriate
foobar2000 equivelant where such exists.

So far I've tested it with Foxytunes' Winamp mode and Semagic's 'detect music' and it works. It's amazing. I love it.
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(no subject)

I prefer Columns UI over the default, but it seems to break compatibility with most external programs meant to control Foobar (like Foxytunes and the fb plugin for bb4win).

Does anyone know of a way (a component or whatnot) to get Columns working as well as the default with these external apps?
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(no subject)

I just thuoght I'd say hello to the group.
I'm really glad to see there is a fb2k group on LJ. :)

so what are some foobar2000 components that you can't live without?
or one you discovered recently that is just amazing?

For me i'd have to say Traders Friend.. amazing and  i wish i knew about it a lot sooner.